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Temperature Gauges

Our most sophisticated no-touch temperature gauges operate without personnel, saving you hundreds of dollars a day as you screen wellness. In addition, the gauges provide facial recognition, a feature that makes your facilities even more secure than before.

Both manufacturers give you cloud access to all data, quantitative reports, and multi-user access.

Supearior™: To fit a variety of sites, these units come in three different styles—wall mounted, floor mounted, and table mounted. The manufacturer is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registered as a medical facility and is FCC (Federal Communications Commission) compliant. Truly top of the line.

Meridian: is a sleek, staff-like unit with selective alarms. It guarantees processing each person within 2 seconds. Use in schools, retail operations, entertainment venues, and large corporations.

Temperature Scanning Kiosks Specs

DTS Temp Kiosk Specs

DTS Body Temp Screening Kiosk