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AT Medical was formed early in the pandemic to help source PPE equipment. Our many products included air purifiers which led to HVAC systems and construction management services. 

We provide:

  1. Turnkey construction management professional services
  2. Turnkey general construction and MEP services (MEP is mechanical, electrical, and plumbing)  All are licensed and certified.

If eyes are open, possibilities and opportunities arise.

While providing room-size air purifiers during the height of the pandemic, our company founder saw an increased need for building-sized air filtration systems.  We linked with a long-established, reputable construction firm. That bond lead to large-scale, complete HVAC and air purifying units and the beginnings of AT Construction.  We provide not only a variety of air filtration equipment but experienced and knowledgeable installation teams.  Our systems are used by large companies, clinics, and hospitals.  Hit the link below for details.