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Protection and Safety

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Sometimes I start the day feeling like Rip Van Winkle, the 1819 fictional character who abruptly woke to a new future. I look around. Everything is the same and yet vastly different.  I am astounded by our alternate universe.

And yet, as I have always known, change is constant.

In the last 36 years I developed an international travel business.  I am honored and privileged to meet and work with wonderful people from all over the world. I treasure the contacts and resources I’ve built.

I know my old company does not define me. Travel is not all I am. My chief motivation is service. How can I provide another avenue to meet today’s changes? How can I make things better for my clients and others? What products and services would be useful?

Face Masks

At Your Service

I spent considerable time researching and finding face masks and other health products, so you can be safe as you concentrate on new protocols in your businesses and personal lives. My new division, AT Medical and its website,  feature a wonderful array. We can send you face masks in non-woven materials or cotton or silk. Some allow replaceable filters. Some are disposable. The masks come in a variety of lively colors and patterns.  A few are easily washable. We can even customize with your company name and logo.

Temperature Gauges

At Your Service

We provide several temperature gauges. All will screen your employees and guests to detect fevers and to help prevent virus spread. The automated versions eliminate the need for personnel, introduce facial recognition, and are especially useful in large corporations and for big-group activities.

Covid Tests

At Your Service

Covid-19 antibody rapid tests are in stock.

PPE Mask Vending Machines

At Your Service

For extra care and 24/7 Personal Protective Equipment availability, place vending machines on site. Each can hold up to 2100 face masks. Some customers insert face masks, hand sanitizers, gloves, wet wipes, and other protection products. Customize as you wish. Easy to use 21.5” touch screen. Increase your company safety.

Every product on our website is carefully vetted to meet high standards.  They are immediately available.

You are busy, so I set up this division like a personal shopping service. Avoid wading through specifications. Escape any need to labor over and double-check products. Call us at 1-917-287-8177. Tell us what you want. We will find it for you.

As you change and innovate, as you smooth out the wrinkles and navigate new paths, let me deliver solutions for your health and safety.

We all adjust. Spin problems into solutions. Let me take care of details so you emerge triumphant. 

Colin Hall